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A young person’s lifelong success begins with an education. Guided by our mission to encourage Minnesota’s youth of color to pursue post-secondary education, the Page Education Foundation promotes the academic achievement, personal responsibility, and untapped potential of Minnesota’s students of color to become vital contributors to their communities. We accomplish this by awarding grants.


The Page Education Foundation awards annual, renewable grants to students of color who are pursuing a post-secondary education in Minnesota. Students who accept a Page Grant must make a commitment to volunteer and tutor younger children in grades kindergarten-8th through a clearly defined Service to Children Project. The goal of the Service to Children Project is to encourage and assist young children to do well in school, have a positive attitude about education, and see college as an attainable long-term outcome.


To apply for a Page Grant, an applicant must be:

  • A student of color (Black African American, American Indian, Asian American or Pacific Islander, or Latino/a or Hispanic).
  • A graduate of a Minnesota high school.
  • Enrolled in an accredited Minnesota post-secondary educational institution.
  • Register and maintain full-time status throughout the academic year they are awarded the grant.


  • There is no GPA requirement.
  • Non U.S. Citizens are encouraged to apply.
  • This grant is awarded per academic year and must be renewed annually.
  • All applications must be submitted online no later than April 1, 2024, at 11:59 pm.


Annual awards range from $2,500-$3,500 per student. Page Grant amounts vary based on the type of post-secondary educational institution the applicant attends. Awards are equally distributed between two semesters.


The Page Education Foundation application window opens January 1, 2024, and closes April 1, 2024. Interested students must complete the online application and submit it no later than April 1, 2024, at 11:59 pm.


We award Minnesota students of color who are pursuing post-secondary education, have demonstrated a commitment to education despite facing overwhelming barriers, and are passionate about giving back to their communities.

There are two sets of applicants the Page Education Foundation’s Selection Committee reviews:

  • NEW APPLICANTS are chosen based on the quality of their narratives, letter of recommendation, financial need, and willingness to complete the Service to Children Project requirement.
  • RETURNING PAGE SCHOLARS are chosen based on the quality of their narratives describing their completed Service to Children Project, feedback from their volunteer site reported on the Service to Children Evaluation form, progress in studies (i.e. ability to maintain full-time status), and completion of the required 50 hours of volunteer service.

Applicants will be notified in mid-June of their application’s status by e-mail and the notification will be sent to the e-mail address the applicant provided on the grant application. If selected, an Acceptance Form will accompany the award notification. Selected recipients must read and sign their Acceptance Form electronically and submit it to the foundation by the due date specified prior to the distribution of any grant payments. Not all applicants will be selected as recipients. All applicants agree to accept the decision as final.


Selected applicants must complete a Service to Children Project, which is their volunteer service to a Minnesota community organization to tutor and mentor children in grades K-8th for a minimum of 50 hours. If circumstances prevent completion of the required service hours, recipients will forfeit the grant. When awarded the Page Grant, recipients may begin the process of volunteering as early as July 1, 2024. The 50 hours of the service project is due on April 1, 2025, giving recipients 9 months to complete this project.

Our Page Grant online platform is Submittable and hosted with Amazon Web Services US East. Submittable is committed to building a platform that collects submissions and applications easily without compromising privacy or security.

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